The Forest!

I will be venturing back to Rothbury this summer with my lovelove who has yet to experience all of the beautiful madness of Electric Forest.  I cannot wait to share this experience with him! I cannot wait to see so many amazing acts that are headlining this year! I cannot wait to be dazzled by all of the gorgeous beings wandering around! I cannot wait! 

So, in preparation of all of that goodness, here is a list.

DIY Projects: 

-A dozen or so hoops to sell/trade/barter

-A pocket belt for all of my Henna supplies (note: i will be wandering around doing henna, if you’re there, please flag me down and let’s have a chat!)

-A pocket belt for personal items

Shopping List : 

-A big fluffy wolf hood 

-Sweet ass flared out crazy tribal pants

-Veil Poi 


really geyz, my heart is just beaming. 

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